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It had been days, even a week or more since I had heard the Lord speak to me anything discernible. I mean, I had actually been going through a deepening process in learning to die to my life and live to him. I had been praying and seeking him fairly often, but not feeling like any clear word was coming back at me.

But as I sat watching the end of a romantic movie about an impulsive couple from different cultures who marry suddenly and then have to learn to love by letting go of their own lives in order to become what and who they would be together - the Lord suddenly cleared his throat. What I mean is, I was watching the last scene in which the couple was getting remarried after a rocky start. The ceremony was held on a promontory jutting out into the Grand Canyon, surrounded by cliffs dropping off on three sides. And suddenly I was overcome with a sense of KNOWING that the Lord was about to speak to me.

I sat there and waited ... and waited. I paused the picture, yet He let me just look at the picture of the wedding for a few moments before finally speaking, as if to emphasis the importance of what He wanted to say and to see if I valued what He wanted to say enought to wait for it. And this is what He finally said:

"I am marrying my bride in the desert. Not in a lush green valley. No, in the midst of the worst calamities, in the midst of desert dryness and with cliffs and dangers on every side, I am marrying you. Death surrounds you, dangers wait for a misstep, and there in the wilderness I will marry my bride. You think your little church is insignificant. You think there is nothing happening in the desert.

I tell you that it is in the desert that the greatest love story is taking place, not in the place where the wonders are flowing, where life is easy and exciting.You who stick with me and deepen your love for me in the midst of desert times and apparent nothingness - you are the ones who make my heart beat faster.

My bride of the end times is the bride of the wilderness, whose wilderness will be transformed into the garden of Eden. The story of the end times will be known in eternity - not as the story of the judgment or of the great darkness - but as The Great Love Story of Jesus and his bride and their great joining. Once again the place of death and apparent defeat will become a spring of life for the world!"

I hope that this means as much to you as it does to me.

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