Waiting on God

Thank you so much for your article and illustration. The illustration was SOOOOO helpful. I'm a 46 year old woman who has never been married, but would certainly like to be. I have been waiting on God lo these many years, walking in purity, learning how to be a Godly wife. A year ago I met someone! I could see how God had been gathering the strands to bring us into each others lives and God's fingerprints seemed to be all over it. But a month ago the rope began to unravel and now, a year after meeting him, I find myself waiting on God again. Your illustration helped me to see that God is still gathering strands. Over the past year God has twisted the first strands together, but now He is weaving in more strands. It's painful and so hard to wait, but the illustration helped to see "the rope" and how God is strengthening it with more strands. I will keep this article close, to remind me in those moments of despair that God is not just making me wait, but He is busy, busy, busy.
Thank you so much.

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