Testimonials for "Responding to the Shofar's Call"

I'm in the midst of reading your book, "Responding to the Shofar's Call." Your book has really touched me. A book like this was really necessary. What you wrote about the Torah spoke to me right out of my soul. The Holy Spirit truly inspired you while you were writing the book. I think that especially in the *** churches, in which faith is fading away, the message of the Torah has to be re-discovered.

What really fascinated me was your description of the relationship between Judaism and the church, because what is the self-image of the church anyway? There isn't really any existence of the church if you totally separate it from Judaism. The church is hopelessly fragmented because it, in opposition to the warning in Romans 11, has raised itself in pride over the olive tree and planted a new tree. (Maybe it's a Christmas tree, which is artificially decorated but has no roots...?)

Helmut - Germany

The book from Jim Gettmann is simply fantastic and came into my hands at exactly the right time. Thank you, that you were obedient to God and gave us a copy! I am reading the last chapter tonight, and then my husband will jump in. It opened my eyes and I experienced an almost continuous "aha!" while reading it.

It summarizes almost everything, that God has been doing in our lives over the past years and brought a whole new clarity. As you can imagine it is challenging our status quo in the church and causing may questions and renewed vision. I've already read or summarized a lot of parts aloud to my husband.

Renate - South Africa

I have read your book, and begin to digest it. The taste is so good! I like it. It is familiar.

Almost everything is acceptable, easy to understand, and I mostly agree with your points, statements, even with your view/mentality.


I see, you have compressed your revelations of many years into this book. It is heavy with explosion materials. I like it. May the Lord give you a green light to use this materials to make a gret explosion in due time.

It is necessary - I think - to blow up most of the recent doctrines and teachings of the "Church"...

Zoltán - Hungary

Thank you very much for this treasure, which makes us so rich!

I can only confirm the words of the Apostle Paul: "O the depths of the riches and knowledge of God!" Romans 11.

This book challenged me, expanded and renewed my thinking, released refreshing and - not least - confirmed us in the way we are going.

... The subject matter of this book has occupied me ever since I began to help other people along into a more mature relationship with the Lord and to disciple them.

Right at the beginning of this year the Lord told us, that he wanted to open our eyes to the Old Covenant once again, since we otherwise would not be capable of understanding the depths of the New Testament. All year he was opening for us understanding about the Kingdom and the people of Israel, without which we wouldn't be able to understand the Kingdom of God and the people of God. Over and over we asked ourselves in this process what Israel without a king would have looked like...

This book was handed to me at the right moment in time. Someone gave it to me with the words, "This is exactly what you guys are putting into practice. Yes, we are trying to live it practically and are relying on revelation from the Lord from A to Z!

This book is helping us to stay on track. You don't hear such wonderful insights on just any street corner...

Once again, thanks for the work, research, revelation, expertise, wisdom, counsel... They are helping us move on and have released a great passion and enthusiasm in us.

Markus - Switzerland

I was so pleased with the loving manner in which you described the Torah, the old and new Covenants with Yeshua, the choice of the people to have Moses as their mediator, and the way Yeshua restored direct contact between us and the Father, which he so much longed for.

Kurt - Germany

I am have been totally pleased with [the book], you communicated very adeptly the very thing that has been on my heart for many months. The book is written very well and your supporting documentation is excellent. It is stirring the desires of my heart afresh and anew.

Thanks for your response, just an awesome book, I have really enjoyed your insight and understanding. God has truly gifted you and given you a understanding of His heart.

Mickey - Washington, USA

Let me say I love your teaching in your book. It is so timely. It is dove-tailing so much with what God is speaking through others to the Church right now. I am amazed at the depth of your research into so many areas... the Church, Israel, Hebrew and more. Anyway, the understanding of what God desired for us from the beginning, seems to be emerging in many parts of the Church. The true Bride is being called (by the shofar).

Ever since I read Rick Joyner's book (so many years ago) where he met Paul in a vision, I have pondered one of his statements: Rick said Paul told him that "we must recover the ministry and the message." I didn't understand that, but tried to substitute various religeous ideals for those two things. Now, I feel like a veil is being pulled back by you and others. And though I believe others are beginning to proclaim the message of God's deepest heart, I know you personally and one other who have written of these things.

Lance - California, USA

"Your book is really great. And that you wait till the end of the book to tackle the topic of the relationship of the church to Israel is, I find, very successful. To me it was the crowning conclusion of a masterpiece through which Yeshua will lead his Bride to unity and bring back to her Hebrew roots. Thank you for letting God use you for this work."

Holger - Germany

"Jim Gettmann wants us to return to our roots. Therefore he asks: "What are these roots? And then he goes another step further to ask, "What does God actually expect of us?"

Anyone expecting standard answers would be well advised to put this book, which has considerable spiritual depth, quickly aside. The author, who today lives near Rostock, Germany, wants us to rediscover the original, hebraic flavor of Christianity. Whoever sets out to live by the conclusions found on this journey of discovery will quickly encounter many obstacles which begin to spring up.

Whoever dares set out on this journey through time with Jim Gettmann had best be prepared to have his biblical world-view challenged - and more than once! Certainly he will find out by the end of the book that his view of Jesus - Yeshua - has changed, grown. Or should I say that I see him better now without my opaque european glasses?

The book is both extremely enthralling and uncomfortable, but in order to get closer to Jesus, it is a book that you just have to read."

Anonymous Reviewer - Amazon - Germany

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